Jo-anne Makeup Made Easy Techniques – some of the many testimonials received …

“When I see myself transformed by a make-up artist my spirits and my confidence rise. However, except for special occasions, a professional make-up is beyond the reach of most people, including me outside of work. This book will help us capitalise on our good points and play down the bad ones. I wish I’d had it years ago.”

Denise Robertson – Morning TV

“Ordinary women everywhere will love this book for its honesty and down-to-earth approach. It smashes cosmetic sales spin to reveal the simple secrets of applying make-up well. Jo-anne Jewett is a breath of fresh air, make-up’s answer to Gok Wan.”

Jill Gallone Editor, The Derbyshire Magazine

“My new look gave me the confidence to go on the pull. My new look allowed me to date men 10 years younger. Jo-anne gave me the ability to feel confident in my looks and in my behaviour.”

Nia Linnell

“”Rediscover yourself with Jo-anne Jewett – learn how to look your best and feel good about yourself. I did – just the tonic for turning 50!”

Louise, Ashbourne Derbyshire

“Jo-anne is an amazing make-up artist. The experience taught me how to do make-up professionally in a way I won’t forget. It really helped me to understand what suits me”


“Jo-anne’s easy going approach to make-up helped me to dispel a few myths and made me realise that make-up isn’t as complicated as I had thought. I would wholeheartedly recommed the experience!”


“What have I done ! My daughter is seemingly now an expert in Skin Care and make up application . She corrected me this morning in how to apply mascara! But aside – we had a wonderful day with you on Tuesday. You made a lasting impression on Joanne and she has taken on board everything you told her . Yes it will cost me in skin care products,but I don’t mind as I know she is now informed about the correct products and will not waste money on silly teenage fads. I really do think you should spread the word to as many teenage girls as you can. I too learnt a thing or too , You can teach an old dog new tricks!”

Carollyn and Joanne Skinner

“you Jo , just a big THANK YOU !! You know how this has changed my life .. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Helen Frobisher

“We had such a wonderful time at your lovely home in the Peak district Thank you from all of us ! What a day , it was quite emotional at times finally confronting those wrinkles and baggy eye’s – you changed our whole look and gave us the confidence to change – my husband could not believe the transformation , he was so gob smacked that it was only make up truly amazing . Thank you once again I speak for all of us – you have changed our lives for the better – we are Jo Jewett anarchists and proud!!”

Sue Branworth – and The Girls!

“We had a great time doing my make-up; Jo-anne decided to use the ‘heathers and berries’ range to compliment my green eyes. The transformation was amazing!!! It made me feel like a different person.”

Dr E Spencer

“This is the most brilliant website, Jo’s technique is so easy to follow and really enjoyable. She makes it fun and relaxing. You learn so much just watching the Video’s in your own time. I can’t believe I learnt so much. No more blue eye shadow for me, I now know which colours are best for me and hopefully will be able to stop any more wrinkles appearing thanks to all Jo’s skin care tips.”

Gay Roper . Manhattan Closet’s

“Jo is suberbly talented and humourous. Simple make up but extremely effective; brought my eyes alive!”

Jo Champion

“My make-up made easy session with Jo-Anne was fantastic. It was like going round to your friend’s house, with wine and food on offer, except that this friend has a fantastic knowledge of all things make-up! I felt very relaxed with Jo-Anne, and she taught me some brilliant easy to use techniques. Since then I have never paid to get my eyebrows done again as thanks to Jo-Anne I am now confident to do them myself! Everyone should learn Jo-Anne’s make-up lessons – they’ve certainly made my life easier!”

Lizzy ButterfieldJoanne

“with her bubbly personality gives lot of tips and advice as to what works and looks good without spending a fortune. The results are amazing!”

Yvette x