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Three years ago I couldn’t even email – so it’s rather scary that I am just about to launch into the world of  my own Online Make Up Club at the grand old age of 53.

Well, I’m the same age as Madonna and she is about to do a world tour!  In fact it started with her and Princess Diana along with Barbara Streisand and the others who were all my clients in the past … which leads me into who I am trying to reach – obviously everyone, but mainly women like me, and girls like my 16 year old daughter  just starting out with make up.

For years now the Web has been full of tutorials on ‘how to do a celebrity look’  which worries me because I know that my followers would rather have a lobotomy than look like Lady Ga Ga!  Gorgeous though she is … they just want to look like themselves but better!

Make up trends come and go.
Remember when eye brows had to be thin?  I do!

It was not a good look then and we are still suffering the consequences now when brows won’t grow back.  Blue and green eye shadows were the ‘IN’ thing with white lipstick and tights … happy days, or were they?!  We have moved on so much, in so many ways, yet still the basic understanding and knowledge of how to use and choose make up is not out there.

SO, why is my make up training unique?

My technique is radically different from anything you have seen before.  Here are just some of the points we cover in your first module:

• Colour choice is key – Colours that show off your eye colour, skin tone and bring out your natural beauty for all to see.

• Colour me – Beautiful face is key to the technique.

• The ‘no make up’ make up look, ‘showing the glow’, ‘perfecting the natural skin’  look.  To make you look fabulous,  regardless of skin type or skin flaws.

• Making skin care affordable and usable … especially when you are lacking in funds and time.

• Giving you the right advice on eye brow shape – what shape is right and how to do your own brows, saving you money and time.

The make up technique  is a simple way to cleverly use highlighting, blending, face shaping and colour choice – to enhance and show off your best bits and hide the rest!.

My technique is timeless and universal, regardless of age, ethnicity or lifestyle.

It’s definitely unique in it’s delivery and has an immediate effect from first viewing. You won’t get flowery talk or soundbites,  just plain simple tuition, easy to follow and easy to understand.

Not just a make up course, it is truly about joining a group of like minded women and girls from around the world in a beauty playground going way beyond just product.


So who should join?

There is an army out there and we all knew ourselves as Punks – Hippies – Mods and Rockers – Sloane Rangers and Go Go girls.  If you can relate to any of these names then you are in the Army!

If you were in love with David Cassidy, swayed to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young or even burnt your bra … then join the club.

  • We never truly leave behind the essence of our inner selves,  just because we get older doesn’t mean we have to bin our look   Yes we do get older and yes the wrinkles do appear and that’s OK!
  • We may have given our time and energy to our kids, spouses and careers.  We may also have neglected ourselves in the process of getting through life’s challenges but its never too late to start, and looking good & feeling great becomes even more important to our self esteem and confidence as the years roll on …
  • We still can look gorgeous and not be invisible – it’s just about taking a little time to change and to revisit our face with style and confidence.  This is my message to the Army – Stand to attention then CHARGE!

Everyone!   Whether you are 19 or 90 join the club to get an exciting new look.

The emphasis is on basic knowledge to begin with, so if you want the new celebrity look like Lady Ga Ga or Katy Perry then this is not for you!

I am introducing a ‘NEW WAY’ to use and choose make up and skin care, saving fortunes on expensive mistakes but concentrating on YOU,  not copying a look from someone else!  “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL,  never mind about them!” is my message.

Universal and timeless in it’s approach to beauty the course finally gives a clear understanding – ‘ smashing cosmetic sales spin’ – for all women and girls to create a new informed group. Women and girls who will be empowered to demand more from the products they buy and to gain a new found confidence in what is right for them and how to use it.

Young girls starting out with make up will massively benefit from the knowledge, giving a fantastic start to life.  Don’t we all wish we had been given this advice from the very beginning, looking back on pictures of times gone by?  Enough said!

It’s the best training a young girl will ever receive.

What are the benefits of joining the Club?

A full course on video, direct from me to you  in the comfort of your own home for £9.95 (not bad as it is normally £250), to work through at your own pace and learn step by step my simple & easy techniques and allowing you to revisit your modules at any time, replaying as much as you want!

An eBook of ‘The Beautiful Truth – Make Up Made Easy’ my book as a support to you while training (rrp £15.95)

Direct contact with me through email and video link so all those nagging questions can be answered immediately.

Product knowledge – I have a vast array of different products that I have tried and tested over the years and I still trawl through the best ones to give you my impartial and honest advice on what is great and what to avoid – thus saving lots of money just for you!

Sharing is always good in life and as the club gets bigger so will your contacts!  Together, there will be things that the girls in America have problems with as will the others in Australia and good old Blighty will have the same again. The club is about learning and sharing through different experiences, dilemmas and products from around the world.

The world is getting smaller and in this way, as women of the world, we can UNITE through our club to support each other and ultimately make sense of this otherwise complicated industry focusing on what really works for us!

The first saving is over £260.00 which is direct from the cost of the book and the normal charge for a basic course.

But it gets even better than that as with the knowledge you will receive there will be no more unused cosmetics lurking in your bag and no more skin care products bought through hype which can add up to thousands over time.

Monthly £9.95
Yearly Only £49.95 – Save over £65