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After years out of the limelight she has decided to use her expertise to help ordinary women learn the secrets of looking good.

I have written a book out of sheer frustration,” said Jo-anne. “It’s called The Beautiful Truth – Make-up Made Easy, Don’t Believe the Hype. I’ve written it because I am not a great fan of the cosmetics industry, even though I was part of it! Women are encouraged to spend a lot of money on products that aren’t right for them – like blue or green eye shadow for example. People even lurch at them in shops!”

Joanne is a passionate woman. She knows her stuff and, as she turned 50 in July, felt it was time to share her knowledge.

I want to break the myth of make-up. Don’t get sucked in by the clever advertising and crazy colours, the most important thing is for people to understand how to use make-up – it should be taught, not sold. Women buy stuff because magazines tell them to but then risk looking very stupid.

Never mind about looking good naked or you are what you eat – your face, at any age, is the one thing you can change with clever use of make up. All women have the ability to transform their look quickly and effectively with the swish of a brush.”

The Beautiful Truth started out as a pamphlet but escalated into a full-blown book which Jo-anne has published herself.

I was approached by someone interested in it but the only way to keep it real was to keep control of it.”

The women of Parwich and Becki Evans, of Red Square Photography in Ashbourne, flocked to her aid. The book includes makeovers with before and after images of locals aged from 13 to 68 photographed by Becki. The results are stunning!