Jo-anne Jewett describes herself first as a mother. She has two “Great kids”, Cameron 25 and Shannon 17, a husband Richard and “an excuse for a dog “ Sophie who you will hear snoring during many tutorials!

She now lives in Parwich, ( a little English village in the heart of the Peak District where her 16th century cottage is called ‘Make Up Central’ due to the constant flow of women joining in on her workshops!

Born in the North East of England Jo-anne had a couple of early career changes, Bank Clerk … Police Woman ???  Both were short lived.

Jo-anne found her true passion after joining Helena Rubinstein Cosmetic House where, within months, she had joined the promotion team.

Then the fun began!

From the start she was passionate about training, seeing her role as an educator, but with that followed great sales and success in the eyes of the company. By now Jo had started to develop a technique which would make it simple for her clients to recreate their look themselves.  She championed a skin care system that would be easy to use and realizing early on that most women had no time to faff and flap she knew that she had to make it simple … and she did!  From this followed the main make up technique.

Working with thousands of women in the early days Jo knew that in order to achieve success with make up her clients needed to be sure they could ‘do it themselves’ and so her make up technique was born. A technique which involved the clever use of contrasting colours on the eyes, cheeks and lips, linked with a special blending technique achievable by all.

Quickly, Jo built a reputation for her easy, fun, and always down to earth, approach to an otherwise complicated industry. Recommendations brought women to her one-to-one sessions, the most famous of which was Lady Diana Spencer. She came simply to learn how to do her own make up. She was being photographed constantly and being very clever, realized she needed to look her best every day.

Jo-anne recalls that her main concern was her engagement – she was wearing a blue suit and wanted to wear blue eye shadow! Even then Jo hated blue eye shadow on blue eyed girls so the two settled for a pencil in the inner eye. Lord Snowdon chose the make up artist for the photo shoot but Jo-anne prides herself in the fact that she taught Diana, over three sessions, a new and important skill.

The lovely, shy, beautiful, country girl had a new found skill and confidence to literally face a worldwide audience.

Moving on, Delores Hope (Bobʼs wife) who had became a friend after a make up session with Jo, introduced her to Barbara Streisand & Bette Midler and encouraged her to move to the States where she and Madonna as a young pop star, the same age as Jo-anne, enjoyed a ʻmeeting of mindsʼ but from the onset Jo-anne’s Geordie accent was a great source of amusement – having to explain “Wye Aye” was hilarious to both!

At this stage Jo-anne describes herself as ʻa glorified consultantʼ.  Others might say inspirational.  Her passion was to be rewarded as she was sent to Fabourge St Honore, Paris for extra training and held her post as Make Up Artist when HR launched Giorgio Armani perfume, and fashion shows along with photo shoots for Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and others took place.

Next came pop videos. Terrance Donovan contacted Jo years after she had hung up her brushes to ask about his new videoʻ Addicted to Loveʼ with Robert Palmer.  He wanted an androgynous look for the girls …  some might say the start of Dark Smokey eyes … AND the only thing that gives her street cred with her daughter Shannon! :)

Always a home bird, Jo-anne did hang up her brushes and went back to her roots in the North East of England where she concentrated on her family as many women do.  The years passed but the passion remained and now she is back, older and wiser, with a whole new following of like minded women.  Why?  Well I will let her tell you that .