BBC Radio Derby Interview


BBC Radio Derby
March 14th 2013

A quarter of women apparently won’t go to the shop without wearing make-up, 80 per cent won’t let their partner see them with a bare face during the first month of their relationship and a third of ladies get up before their partner to put their slap on. Do women put too much emphasis on wearing make-up? And do men prefer to see them without?

This was the question that BBC Radio Derby asked their listeners. Jo-anne Jewett was in the station to discuss this and also made over one of the staff while she was there.

You can hear the interview with Jo-anne via the links below

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2
Interview Part 3

Dark Smokey Eyes

Hello girls, I hope you enjoyed my last blog and that you have been trying out some of my techniques. For this blog we are going a step further …. DARK SMOKEY EYES.

This is not just for the adventurous, we can do it in a classy way for all ages and lifestyles.

I did the make up for Young Ideas Ashbourne – Fashion Show last week, so have all the steps in pictures, thanks to the lovely Harriet. I painted the faces of 10 models and I had 12 minutes a face so it was scary stuff. I thought my arm was going to fall off, but I did it and all was well.

The fashions and styling, as you can see were fantastic so well worth a visit to the store. Tell them I sent you! Sally Montague did the hair and as a team it was very stressful but all good fun and the results were amazing.

So let’s give it a try, get your make up out and off we go.

Below are a few of the finished models to give you an idea of what this look can achieve.

Look at my first blog if you haven’t seen it already, as first you need to prime or prepare your skin – always a must for great make up.

Now create a ‘blank canvas’ in this order: put on your concealer, foundation and under eye illuminator to hide dark shadows. Don’t forget to use the concealer on your lids as an eye shadow base.

Now we can start applying colour. Choose which look you want to create, I am talking you through my blonde model. I chose dark brown, cream highlighter, bronzer, peach blush and bright red lipstick. Classic colours for a classy look, great for blue eyed girls.

Step 1

Eyebrow definition: Use a dark brown (no shimmer) powder, take a brow brush and do tiny brush strokes up to feather the brows. Don’t be shy with this, it has to be really strong and defined.

Step 2

Take the dark brown – again it must have no shimmer, and using a sponge applicator spread the shadow over your lids just above the lashes. Now take the same colour and put it under the bottom lashes. Move the applicator from the outer edge tapering off towards the eye duct.

Step 3

Put a small amount of cream highlighter under the brow arch.

Step 4

Get your blending brush or smudge brush and using a taupe colour brush into the eye socket. Feather it out to the side of the eye and brush up to the brow in the inner eye.

Look closely at the image to see where to go.


Step 5

Take an eyeliner brush, dip it in water, then into the darkest brown or even black if you dare. Now carefully brush from the outer edge of the eye towards the eye duct on the top lids, as near to the lashes as possible. If you find this difficult try doing dots between the lashes first, then simply join them up.

Now you will undoubtedly have dropped bits of shadow over your cheeks – don’t panic and don’t rub it off!  Use a cotton bud to remove the main bits, then get a contour brush put a little of the cream shadow or iridescent powder on. Brush from the temple to the base of the eye duct to clean away AND it highlights at the same time.

Step 6


Using a bronzer do your face shaping (see blog 1), then blusher at the front of the face. You will see it all starting to come together – I know it’s scary when you first see your eyes but stick with it. Look at the images, and see the end result.

Step 7

Apply heaps of mascara, two coats at least – for this look use black – as black as you can get!

Step 8

Brush over your eyebrows, either with an old mascara brush – washed out of course, or a proper brow brush – they are the same thing.


Step 9

Outline the outer edge of your lips with a white pencil first, but not too much! Now outline the true line with a red lip liner. Fill in with a bright red lipstick. Pick one with an orange base note – not pink, this is important. Keep the colours complementing each other.

Just do me one favour – look again – in a magnifying mirror.  I know – I know, but you must make sure it is all absolutely PERFECT.

The key to all great make up is perfection – so check then check again. If anything needs cleaning up use a cotton bud – NEVER your finger.

Use the same technique for the dark plum and pink shades used on the model below. If you have been following my blogs or have read my book you will know these shades are absolutely fantastic on green eyes or on sallow skin.

Just on a closing note, I have to tell you about a workshop I did last week. I had 10 teenagers and two 40 plus year olds, who were the mams (North East for Mums)

The young uns were so controlled and wanted natural make up whereas the mams who had come along to give moral support went haywire. They started slow but by the end of the workshop they were going more and more glam, it was hilarious. I said I would mention them so here we are. Well done ladies of Burton, it was emotional.

Jo Jewett x

How to Glam Up – The Evening Party Look


Well I can’t believe the Christmas decorations are in the shops! Did we have a summer?

However it does make us think of Autumn colours and more dramatic make up for the party season. So I hope you enjoy this blog on how to achieve a more glamorous look – have a play and try my advanced technique.

Using the steps given in my last blog you should understand the art of face sculpture and eye definition. Have a look if you missed it.

Now we move into enhancing those steps to create our more dramatic effect.

This is Lauren, a friend and who featured in my book. Follow these steps to create the look yourself:

First notice the gold above the lashes. Take a sponge applicator and add the colour. Don’t be shy – it must stand out and shape the eye. Then add what is left on your applicator under the bottom lashes towards the eye duct .

Now take a dark colour (I have used dark brown), again with a sponge applicator, (try to find one with a pencil end) and place it at the outer edge of the eye and under the bottom lashes- halfway across.

Use a brush and touch blend the colour into place, making sure they merge beautifully and you can’t see the join.

Highlight under the brow with a cream powder shadow using a sponge applicator.

Using your eye blending brush, blend the dark brown out to the side of the eye and feather out to the base of the eyebrow. Look closely at the image – it’s not obvious but it gives that almond shape to the eye.

Now add more contour powder to deepen the cheeks and shape the face. Put some coral or bright pink just at the front of the face on your smile ‘peaches’.

For the perfect pout

Outline the lips first with a white pencil and soften down, this is a great tip if your lipstick ‘bleeds’ through you lip line but it also creates a larger looking pout!

Then outline with your lip pencil – be careful to get the right colour that matches your lipstick. I have used Dr Hauschka spice in this shot.

After applying your lipstick put a little gold eye shadow on your finger – open your mouth and place it in the centre of the lips – top and bottom – now gloss over it only in the centre again. Never use lip gloss all over your mouth.

Great make up is not found in a product – it is a skill. Get the knowledge and you will never make an expensive mistake again !

On Sunday I did the make up for the Young Ideas Autumn Fashion Show in Ashbourne, it was great fun but very hard work – 10 models in 2 hours 16 mins a face!  The look was  dark smokey eyes, so my next blog will be all about getting those dark smokey eyes without looking like you have done 10 rounds with Tyson!

Keep the faith!

Jo Jewett xxx

Introducing Jo

Hello, my name is Jo-anne Jewett and its great to be asked to share my make up and skin care techniques with you. It may be good to introduce myself properly first.

I’m a make up artist and trainer. I am also proud to say I’m an author, my book The Beautiful Truth, Make Up Made Easy, Dont believe the Hype was published in 2008.

Since then I started doing make up workshops from home here in Parwich, a little village near Ashbourne in Derbyshire, where I have lived for the last 20 years. The demand was so great that I decided to start a Make Up School.

I now work with large and small groups, along with one to one clients here in Derbyshire. Very soon I will embark on a UK tour doing Masterclass seminars.

The most exciting thing is the imminent launch of my Online Make Up Academy & Club which is very scary but I’ll keep you posted about the launch throughout the blog. This will bring my Technique to a global audience. I have already sold my book to women in America, Australia and Hong Kong.

I suppose I’m most famous for my celebrity clients, Princess Diana, Princess Alexandra, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler… the list goes on.

When I started my career in make up I worked for Helena Rubinstein, a cosmetics company founded in 1902 which still provides elite make up and skin care ranges. I quickly rose through the ranks there and completed my training in Paris at Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

I became a make up artist and gained a reputation for my for my passion to teach women, giving them the skills required to do their own make up, without the need for a make up artist.

Celebs are just girls like us, only under more pressure to look great as the paparazzi were always lurking in the background just waiting for them to look rubbish.

I was different because I come from the North East, and my Geordie accent was a bit of a joke amongst my more glamourous colleagues. Thankfully, however, my clients loved it although they sometimes couldn’t understand when I said various things like “whye aye” instead of yes or “happy days pet”!  Madonna comes to mind with this particular issue.

Rubinstein bought the rights to Armani perfume in the 80’s and I found myself doing the make up for the Armani fashion shows. Terrance Donovan was doing a video for Robert Palmer ‘Addicted to Love’ and he asked me for ideas for an androgynous look for the girls playing guitars. I can’t believe this is the only street cred I have with my 17 year old daughter who has no idea who some of my famous clients are, like Barbra Streisand … sad but true.

I left the glitzy glamour of London and went back home to North East Sunderland. I got married and had two gorgeous children and dedicated my time to my family.

Then 5 years ago my life changed. Queen Elizabeth once famously said she had had an “Annus horribilis” describing her very bad year. Well, I had 3!

Illness, tragedy and life’s harsh blows hit me straight between the eyes and I knew as a consequence that life had to change for me. Everything took on a new perspective and I looked to my first love which had always been my unfinished business of teaching make up skills.

I questioned how far the industry had moved on over the years with the basic teaching that is so needed to achieve success with make up – the ‘Holy Grail’ promised by sales spin yet never found for normal folks on the street. The truth is it’s not in a product… it’s a skill and I had to find a way to get the training out there.

So I wrote my book, with a lot of help from my friends. ‘The Beautiful Truth – Make Up Made Easy – Don’t believe the Hype!’ was born.

Moving to today, my mission is to reach and teach all the women in the world that I can’t physically get my hands on. Now, with the help of the world wide web, I can do just that and share my Technique with thousands more. I hope to create a world wide club of like minded women.

I hold my courses here in Parwich every day and have girls from 14 to women over 80. Its great to show my technique, developed over years with the help of all my past clients. Thousands of women and girls around the world have helped me to understand the most effective way to deliver knowledge and a simple understanding of this often contradicting and confusing cosmetics industry.

Many potential investors tried to change my approach, suggesting a new glossy book. I was advised to change my gorgeous girls and use professional models. They just didn’t get it did they? I will never ever do that or endorse anything I am not completely in love with.

This is my pledge, the mission goes on … I look forward to showing you more in the future, talk soon.

Love to you all and big hugs

Jo-anne Jewett xx

Top 10 Makeup Tips

1. Use the same product over your eye lids as an eye shadow base and to cover redness and uneven colour.

2. Shape you face with the bronzer, brush from your ear to your nose, on your temple, chin and nose.

3. Take an eye shadow brush and use the bronzer as an eye shadow, it will be fine trust me.  Blend it into the crease/socket of the eye, up to the brow and fan out to the side.

4. Get your dried out mascara and brush over your eye brows to give colour and shape.  Mix the iridescent powder with the lip balm to make a gloss. Pop your mascara on and off you go! Simple!

5. FORGET USING EXPENSIVE FACIAL TISSUES – Try kitchen roll ! it’s far cheaper and better as it acts as a buffer to remove dead skin cells – HONEST!

6. FOR DRY LIPS – use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on a baby toothbrush and massage your lips – great for Men and Women.

7. GET THE MOST FROM SKIN CARE, SAVE FORTUNES – Try using the back of your hand as a palette for your skin care as it will reduce how much you use and the heat from your skin will soften the product making it easy to apply.

8 GET GREAT BRUSHES! – don’t use synthetic as they will make it impossible to blend.  Bobbi Brown are great – check out on line – they will be much cheaper and worth the investment.

9. NEVER USE TOO MUCH FOUNDATION – it highlights wrinkles and spots. Gauge how much to use by your index finger nail – that’s enough for ALL of your face and NEVER apply on your neck. If you can see the make up, it’s the wrong colour! Always try before you buy …

10. THE BIGGEST TIP OF ALL!  Join us in the club.  TOGETHER we can achieve all, learning from my technique and each other!

The start of great things to come XXXXX