Before & After!

These before and after shots are all of my girls used in my book.  They are all friends of mine who I picked to show off my technique. I wanted to show you how normal women and girls can easily transform. They are NOT models or airbrushed. Most live in my village and have remained friends, even after I have shown the world their before pics …. friends indeed!

It was important to me that I show you varying ages from teenager to 20-30-40-50-60-70 and I would have grabbed someone 80-90 … if I could have found them wandering by! That will come, so long as you notice that every age can use my technique to show off their best bits, and hide the rest – it is that easy.

Look closely at the shading and colours, it is the same for all of them – just learn how … and transform. Off you go!

NIA – My friend and mother of 4 gorgeous kids. FAB at 40 and a fantastic example of how to get the whole package. The technique shown at it’s best, natural and perfect. Eye brows were the first thing to do as the shape is key to the technique.

Then colours – using peaches and creams, brown, bronze, taupe, coral lips and blush. There she is, natural beauty. Not over the top,  just soft and natural.

Same colours and technique used on Little Di, Lynette, Lauren and Nia:

*Christian Dior quad in Beige Samurai | Rimmel Bronzer, flat no shimmer No.22 | Coral Blush – Bobbi Brown | Coral Lipstick – Estee Lauder | YSL Lip Gloss Gold  | Violet Mascara YSL [Fantastic alternative to harsh black]


Little DI

Showing the same colours used on blue eyed NIA – but look how it shows the natural shade of DI’s baby blues to their full affect …. POW! – and still looks natural. Eye brows softly darkened and eyes contoured with a taupe shadow in the crease. Coral blush and Coral lipstick.

Beautiful 40 plus!



I have to share our lol moment.  Emma commented that she looks ‘like a Spanish waiter’ in the before picture!!  She doesn’t … but she does look particularly gorgeous after. This is using the HEATHER shades to show off and contrast with her beautiful green eyes. Again, eye brow shape is key to the look and clever shading to sculpt the face, lifting the cheekbones and framing that elfin face.  Fantastic at 30!



Sandra – Fabulous at 50

Sandra has the most AMAZING green eyes so it was a no brainer – HEATHERS, soft pinks, peony blush and lush rose lipstick colours coordinated beautifully and were simply perfect for a glowing soft natural look.

Eye brows coloured with a soft powder in dark brown



Amy our baby – at 14!!!!

Yes, she was 14 years old and lovely anyway but with make up I think she looks like a supermodel :-) This is a more glamorous look but still maintains that natural glow.  Again using HEATHERS …  just more of it!  The shading is key to this look.

The same technique and  colours used on Emma, Sandra, Jenny, Margaret and Amy:

*Berries quartz Quad from Estee Lauder | Soft Rose Contour Powder and Peony Blusher – Bobbi Brown | Amethyst Lipstick – Estee Lauder | Gosh Lip Gloss in Pinky | YSL Mascara in Violet.



Again look at the eye brow shape – defined and framing the eyes – the highlight above the lashes & below the brow and shading in the centre of the eyes. I love this transformation.  Over 60 but she still has that glow and glam!




Eye brows – what were we thinking in the 70’s?  If, like Margaret you over plucked your brows,  fear not!  A little dark powder and a brush and they are back. No pencils for this as it can look harsh and false, so learn how to get the shape and ….. result!

HEATHERS to bring back the glow.   If you have a sallow skin then these are the colours for you … plus those green eyes again.



For all my friends in Hong Kong and the Far East, this is for you. Sallow skin colour needs to be perked up but don’t buy pink based foundation!  Use a yellow base tone BUT use your colours to give a glow.

HEATHERS again with soft pink highlighter.  These are the exact same colours I used on Amy and in the same way. Glowing is what we want and Jenny certainly does that … gorgeous!