How to Glam Up – The Evening Party Look


Well I can’t believe the Christmas decorations are in the shops! Did we have a summer?

However it does make us think of Autumn colours and more dramatic make up for the party season. So I hope you enjoy this blog on how to achieve a more glamorous look – have a play and try my advanced technique.

Using the steps given in my last blog you should understand the art of face sculpture and eye definition. Have a look if you missed it.

Now we move into enhancing those steps to create our more dramatic effect.

This is Lauren, a friend and who featured in my book. Follow these steps to create the look yourself:

First notice the gold above the lashes. Take a sponge applicator and add the colour. Don’t be shy – it must stand out and shape the eye. Then add what is left on your applicator under the bottom lashes towards the eye duct .

Now take a dark colour (I have used dark brown), again with a sponge applicator, (try to find one with a pencil end) and place it at the outer edge of the eye and under the bottom lashes- halfway across.

Use a brush and touch blend the colour into place, making sure they merge beautifully and you can’t see the join.

Highlight under the brow with a cream powder shadow using a sponge applicator.

Using your eye blending brush, blend the dark brown out to the side of the eye and feather out to the base of the eyebrow. Look closely at the image – it’s not obvious but it gives that almond shape to the eye.

Now add more contour powder to deepen the cheeks and shape the face. Put some coral or bright pink just at the front of the face on your smile ‘peaches’.

For the perfect pout

Outline the lips first with a white pencil and soften down, this is a great tip if your lipstick ‘bleeds’ through you lip line but it also creates a larger looking pout!

Then outline with your lip pencil – be careful to get the right colour that matches your lipstick. I have used Dr Hauschka spice in this shot.

After applying your lipstick put a little gold eye shadow on your finger – open your mouth and place it in the centre of the lips – top and bottom – now gloss over it only in the centre again. Never use lip gloss all over your mouth.

Great make up is not found in a product – it is a skill. Get the knowledge and you will never make an expensive mistake again !

On Sunday I did the make up for the Young Ideas Autumn Fashion Show in Ashbourne, it was great fun but very hard work – 10 models in 2 hours 16 mins a face!  The look was  dark smokey eyes, so my next blog will be all about getting those dark smokey eyes without looking like you have done 10 rounds with Tyson!

Keep the faith!

Jo Jewett xxx